20 November 2017
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Starts 5PM Sunday, November 19th

What is Click Monday?

Click Monday is New Zealand's biggest online sales day ever, based on the legendary Cyber Monday event out of the US. Clickmonday.co.nz is a centralized site that showcases brands and offers from New Zealand retailers across many categories. Users find an offer on site and then click through to the retailer's site to make their purchase.

Click Monday is growing every year. Our November 2015 event grew 11% to a whisker under 100,000 user sessions. We have almost 60,000 on our email database and would love to help you reach them.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Click Monday?
Click Monday has created a new sales event in the New Zealand retail calendar. Cyber Monday is the largest single day of online sales in the US, and many countries have created their own peak sales days online capitalising on this opportunity. Clickmonday.co.nz is a centralised site that showcases brands and offers from New Zealand retailers across many categories. Click Monday Limited and participating retailers band together to drive consumer awareness of the event, and this results in a greater number of incremental sales and new customers to individual retailers than if they were simply marketing a sales event to their own customer base.
When is Click Monday?
The event is planned to start at 5pm on Sunday 19th November
What kind of sales are on Click Monday?
In previous events we've had offers across the following categories:

Clothing, shoes, accessories, kids, toys, baby, sports & outdoor, automotive, DIY, fitness, home & gifts, pets, books & magazine, music, DVDs, games, computers & electronics, appliances & electrical, health & beauty, food & wine and services.
Who is behind Click Monday? What businesses are involved?
Click Monday is run by two people with over 20 years combined experience in online retail. Cate Bryant is an independent consultant who has worked with many of New Zealand's largest retailers and has led many industry wide initiatives such as research, seminars and collaborative forums. Alain Russell owns Blackpepper Interactive, and builds sites for a select group of some of New Zealand's largest retailers.
Why is Click Monday held on this date?
Click Monday was originally based on 'Cyber Monday' out of the US, which happens in the last week of November or the first week of December. Many countries around the world have held similar events at this time of year, to help maximise the build up to Christmas.
What do I need to have in order to be involved?
In a nutshell:
  • A robust ecommerce site and the ability to fulfill orders placed online, including the ability to handle significant peaks in traffic and sales.
  • Great product offers
  • Someone who can register your business and list your offers on the clickmonday.co.nz site
Please also be sure to read our full terms and conditions.
What are you going to do with the Click Monday email address database?
The database of users that sign up to the Click Monday site will only be used to communicate information about Click Monday and our participating retailers and branded manufacturers. We won't be selling this list or allowing anyone to send emails to it other than the Click Monday business itself.
How are you building awareness for the Click Monday event? What level of traffic are you expecting for the event?
Click Monday will get coverage in the press and in advertising. Most of this will happen close to the event. Last year we had traffic of almost 100,000 user sessions. Join us and help make the event even bigger.
What kind of offers should I put on for Click Monday?
The offers that will be most successful will be:
  • Popular products from well known brands at good discounts
  • Entire category or entire brand percentage off promotions have shown to perform particularly well
  • Those that have sufficient backing in stock to allow for the potential uplifts a centralized, urgency site such as clickmonday.co.nz may cause
How many offers can I put on Click Monday?
Each retailer is able to load up to 15 offers. We recommend that you load at least 5 to get sufficient visibility for your brand on site.
How should I categorise my offer?
Here's the category tree for the Click Monday site. Just put each product offer in the most relevant category. If you have a generic, site wide offer, eg free delivery or 20% off everything in store, then list this offer in the category that best suits your overall product offering.

For clarity, the categories for 2015 were:
  • Womens - Clothing, Shoes, Accessories
  • Mens - Clothing, Shoes & Accessories
  • Kids & Toys - Toys, Kids, Baby
  • Sports & Outdoor - Sports & Outdoor, Auto & DIY, Fitness
  • Home & Gifts - Pets, Homeware, Gifts, Books & Magazines, Music, DVDs & Games
  • Electrical - Computers & Electronics, Appliances & Electrical
  • Health & Beauty - Health & Beauty
  • Food & Wine - Food & Wine
  • Services - Services
Can I make my Click Monday offers available to any users visiting my site at the time of the promotion, or anyone coming into my stores?
Yes, you can. We want to establish Click Monday as a nationwide retail event. We'd like you to promote it on your site and in your stores. You can also advertise Click Monday and your deals on your Facebook page.
How many images can I attach to a listing and what size should my image files be?
You can upload one image per listing.
How do I get my logo on the Click Monday site?
Upload it by logging into our Retailer Area. This functionality is only available for retailers who have booked to participate, thereby committing to our terms and conditions.
How do I make my offer more prominent on the Click Monday site?
There are a limited number of Feature packages available to gain more prominence on site - these are the Anchor and Category packages. We are keeping these packages limited so as to make them effective for the retailers willing to purchase them.
Which of my competitors are listing on clickmonday.co.nz?
Click Monday is an open event, there is no exclusivity by category for any retailer. You'll be able to see who is participating (and has loaded their logo) on our landing page closer to the event.
Are any international retailers listing on clickmonday.co.nz?
Click Monday is designed to be a New Zealand focused event. Only retailers with a presence of some sort in New Zealand are eligible to participate. Retailers whose only presence in New Zealand is a .co.nz url will be reviewed on a case by case basis. Please contact us for further information.
Can I put my deals on my Facebook page?
Yes, you can put your deals on your Facebook page. We are trying to make the Click Monday event as big as it can possibly be.
What makes you confident that you can handle the high traffic peaks of an event like this - will the Click Monday site crash?
We have a historical event to base this years traffic from, in 2015 the site was available 100% of the time during the event and did not experience any issues.
What if my site crashes - what will the user experience be, what will the user see?
The user will see an error page, or browser warning - we have some historical numbers from our previous events that we are comfortable to share on a case by case basis about the amount of traffic we were sending in short bursts - please get in touch with alain@clickmonday.co.nz if you would like this info.
How much traffic and how many transactions should I expect? What peak management does my site have to be able to achieve in order to participate?
We cannot predict what level of traffic will go to the Click Monday site, or the volume of clicks to your own site. We expect it to be significant! That's certainly what we are planning for. Please be sure to advise your ecommerce site provider that you are participating in the event and seek their advice on the traffic and transactional peaks that your own site is able to manage.
Where can I read the full Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy?
These are available in the footer of our site.
What size should my artwork be?
Every booking gets 15 standard offer tiles which should be 335px wide by 425px high. Category bookings also get one larger category banner that needs to be 595px wide and 260px high. You won't need to include your logo in either of these as the site will show that in the offer pop up.

If you've booked an Anchor package, you'll also need one more tile at 230px wide by 280px high. This one should be your best offer and include your logo.
Where can I access the Click Monday logo pack?
These are located in the Resources section of the site, you can access this in the footer.
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